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METRO Protective Services LLC (MPS) is owned and operated by prior law enforcement professionals who have the experience and understanding of real world security and investigative needs in today’s society.

MPS implements a modern approach and employs effective techniques in security patrols and investigations. The result is a method of doing business that represents a departure from the common, traditional companies which are more "reactive" in nature and that often care only about the "bottom line". What our clients demand is clear: results at reasonable costs. Our innovative techniques, training, experience and resources enable us to assure every client that the job will be performed to near law enforcement standards!

Because of our high standards and core philosophy, METRO Protective Services officers and investigators are capable of handling security and investigative situations of the highest degree of difficulty. Our clients can expect positive and useful results delivered professionally and consistently.

If your business requires effective, worry-free service of the highest professionalism, give us a call today. Whether you need a top notch private investigation, a team of seasoned security guards, or a custom-tailored solution, let our expertise handle
your protection needs so you can devote your valuable time and energy
to Your business. We serve the entire Tampa - St. Pete, Florida metro area.
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