Uniform Patrol Division

Vehicle Patrol Officers
Fixed Site Patrol Officers
For clients who need or prefer a dedicated "on site" officer for building or property access control, foot patrols, front desk, CCTV monitoring, fire watches etc., our Fixed Site Officers are officers assigned to a specific location as required. After meeting MPS' Minimum Qualifications and Standards, these officers are further trained in specific duties required by the client. A set of Site Procedures are created and customized to the clients' needs, then issued to the on site officers.
Our Fixed Site Officers are supported and monitored by our *Field Training Officers, (FTOs) FTOs are qualified patrol officers that are tasked to ensure that on site officers are trained and equipped to the clients specifications and that all METRO Protective Services Standards are always met.
With high crime rates and soaring insurance costs, businesses are constantly searching for effective protection at minimal cost. Law enforcement agencies already have a heavy work load and are often unable to provide concentrated patrols that are needed to protect businesses from criminal activity. Alarms only notify you after the deed is done. Our vehicle patrol service can fill this void with deterrence, detection and reporting that is effective and dedicated to you.

Cost Effective?

By combining of your property with others in your area, METRO Protective Services can provide an officer in a marked patrol vehicle at a fraction of the cost of a full time security officer. Patrol vehicles are clearly marked and identifiable with warning lights as defined by law. Our patrol service is supported by MPS supervisors in marked or unmarked vehicles which provides additional coverage at no additional costs.

All patrol vehicles are equiped with emergency equipment (First aid kit, Fire extinguisher etc.) Patrol officers are specifically trained in patrol techniques, specialized reporting and incident notification protocols, Tactical Defensive Vehicle Operations, first aid and CPR.
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Our Patrol Service is ideal for:

Gated Communities

Residential Areas

Office Buildings

Apartment Complexes

Shopping Plazas

Industrial Sites

Hotels and Motels

Construction Sites


Vacation Security Patrols

Shift Changes/Escorts

A new approach to security, safety and Investigations

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Crime deterrence through high visibility patrols

Detection of suspicious or "unusual" activity

Written and electronic reporting systems

Notification of safety and maintenance issues

Fast client and law enforcement notifications

Lock/unlock doors/gates

Enforcement of occupancy standards

Warning signs can be posted sending a message to those with criminal intent that METRO Protective Services is patrolling!

24/7 live dispatch

METRO Protective Services

Crime Suppression Unit
For clients who have more serious problems with criminal activity situations and require a more concentrated effort to solve these issues, METRO Protective Services maintains a special team of officers that are trained and equipped to handle this type of assignment. This team consists of a combination of specially trained patrol officers, executive protection officers, undercover Investigators and canine teams that employ very unique methods to reach the clients objectives.