Seaport/Homeland Security Division

It is common knowledge that the threat of terrorism a very real in today's environment. This is especially true in locations that are considered "high risk targets". MPS provides officers that are properly trained and qualified to provide service in this unique area.
MPS maintains Certified Facility Security Officers (FSO), Certified Anti-Terrorism Officers (CATO) and a Maritime Security Specialist on staff. Our Seaport/Homeland security team works closely and maintains communication with the USCG, CBP and other Homeland Security agencies which allows us to be knowledgeable of changing rules, laws and regulations and aware of potential and current security threats.
Seaport/Maritime Officers
Our Seaport/Maritime Officers (SMO's) are specifically trained to perform the necessary tasks as required by 33CFR105.210. These officers specialize in facility/vessel interface security, access control, identification protocols, article and person screening and record keeping conforming with United States Coast Guard Protocols.
In addition to meeting the same qualification requirements as all MPS officers, our seaport officers are vetted through the United States Customs and Border Protection and the United States Coast Guard and, must complete at minimum an eight (8) hour MTSA certification class provided by a certified Facility Security Officer (FSO) Instructor.

Our seaport officers are provided with all forms, logs, reports and notification information required by the United States Coast Guard such as the National Response Center and law enforcement information and can provide increased officer presence relative to MARSEC level change.

MPS Seaport/Maritime Officers are experienced in providing the high level of security required in detained-on-board situations, safeguarding against potential stowaway disembarkations and can provide repatriation and custody escort duties.
Vessel Tracking Assistance - METRO Protective Services maintains the ability to track vessel movements in order to assure officers are on duty, on time and at the right location.

Record Archiving - METRO Protective Services provides record archiving of all logs, reports etc. generated by our officers or staff. This service can be critical during USCG audits or as back up files. Archiving Service is provided at no additional cost.

Drill and Exercise Assistance - As our client, METRO Protective Services can provide an on site representative to assist you and/or participate with drills and exercises.

USCG Audit Assistance - METRO Protective Services maintains Port Authority Certified Facility Security Officers (FSO) on staff that allows us to maintain a full understanding of the needs of our seaport clients. METRO Protective Services audit assistance can provide you with an onsite representative if you are audited by the USCG to assist you during the audit.

Homeland Security Officers
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