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Our Support Services Unit provides a very diversified group of professionals with training and background experience that are capable of handling highly specialized tasks.
Close Protection Officers
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Canine Services
Security Consulting and Threat Assessments
Training Services
MPS Close Protection Officers (CPO's) are carefully selected and are trained and certified in personal defensive tactics and weapons, tactical defensive vehicle operation and threat assessments. Our CPO's are usually deployed to assist high ranking business professionals, high profile personalities, disgruntled or stalking situations where a high threat exists and superior protection is required.

The MPS canine program consists of detection teams and canine security training. Although our detection teams are generally used to support our Uniform Patrol and Seaport/Homeland Security Divisions, detection teams can also be provided as an independent service.
Our canine security training team also offers training in obedience, tracking, search, personal protection, property protection and problem solving.

METRO Protective Services offers it's canine teams for search and tracking of missing children or elderly adults as a community service at no charge
Complete onsite security risk and threat assessments are offered to your company in order to assure security measures are to industry standards. From simple entry access points and bomb threat procedures to anti-terrorism seminars, we can help reduce the risk of security threats and safety concerns.
Training is one of the most important aspects of today's security profession. MPS provides instructors certified by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE), the State of Florida Division of Licensing, American Safety and Health Institute and the American heart Association.
Certifications include CPR/AED and First Aid Response, Maritime Transportation and Security (MTSA), Advanced Weapons/Tactics, Patrol Techniques. Classes are conducted at our facilities or at on site facilities.
Canine Services
Training Services
Security Consulting / Threat Assessments
Explosives Detection
Personal Protection
Property Protection
*Missing Children/Elderly (Search/Tracking -Free Service)
Obedience Training
Security Assessment/Analysis
Threat Mitigation
Bomb Threat Plans
Anti-Terrorism Seminars
Secuity Plan Audits (MTSA)
Security License (Class D)
First Aid
Concealed Weapons Permit
Advanced Weapons
Tactical/Defensive Driving
Patrol Techniques
Security Supervisor

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Support Services
Executive Protection
Close Personal Protection
Security Sweeps
Limo Driver / CPO
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